Drill-Across multiple tables, It's possible?

It’s possible to get Drill-Across from multiples fact tables? I mean, execute multiples queries and merging their results?

Hi @edbizarro
I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. Are you talking about drill-thru or joining data?
If you’re talking about joining data, then that’s the main feature of version 0.33
Otherwise, can you try to explain what you want or is trying to do?

Hi @flamber

Joining data, sry I think I was not clear in my question.

The new join feature It’s awesome, but in case of large fact tables (more than 1B rows) have both tables in FROM clause joined by some common dimension is very slow, I wonder if exists a way to joining the tables from sub-queries with FULL OUTER JOIN though the UI (instead of native query)

Without using indexes, huge table joins will always be slow.
Full Outer Join in the interface is currently only available for some databases (Spark SQL, SQL Server, and SQLite)

Oh, i see, too bad im using redshift, the same question using the joining from UI took about 3 minutes to complete, with FOJ with subqueries took less than 20 seconds

Can you check the query actually being used? Use the browser console Network-tab to view the request response, which includes the query. Maybe you’ll be able to adjust your indexes.
Otherwise the only recommendation currently would be to use cache. Admin > Settings > Cache.