Drill Down in Report

I am looking for question drill down options. Number of Students in School drills down to Number of Students in a class and so on.

If this request is already raised by someone else, can you please let me know the roadmap of this feature with SQL. If there is a plan on this, can you let me know how this will work so that I would adjust my questions accordingly and I will edit them later? This will reduce the scroll of the dashboard and we can fit in more information in lesser space.


It’s been requested in various guises: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues?utf8=✓&q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+drilldown
There’s also a post on here from @jornh describing a workaround. I couldn’t find it quickly, but it’s here somewhere.

I believe it’s this post @AndrewMBaines is talking about: Ability to Link Dashboards (Eg. User list dash -> click ID -> user dash for that id)

@siddarth.mine to give a more precise answer to your question it would be useful to know further details of how your data is structured and/or a “sketch” of how you expect the dashboard interaction to be. Maybe you can just show an example (with redacted data if needed) what you have now and how it’s lacking compared to what you ideally want.

Hey @jornh,

I need something like this. http://www.highcharts.com/demo/column-drilldown
I hope you have seen this on Github. I want to embed the metabase dashboards with drill down feature for each question.

Also, could you please take a look at this problem. I need solution for this very badly.

@jornh, i updated to 0.30.3. Same problem with flat file downloads