Consolidated List of Links for Dashboard Drilldown Feature Requests

I’ve gone through the Feature Requests in this forum and found some of the long-lost requests for drill-down capabilities and related feature requests for Metabase dashboards. I thought I’d try to keep them alive.

Hi @michaelkleban
And all of those will be available in 0.37 - haven’t actually looked at the forum posts, but just looking from the titles.
There are no feature request or bugs being tracked in the forum. Everything is tracked on GitHub.
The forum is for troubleshooting, problems, testing, questions, etc.

@flamber To confirm my understanding, you are saying that the Feature Request topic should not be used in this forum, correct? Is this topic outdated?

@michaelkleban There’s a sticky on the sub-forum: Sticky: Guidelines for requesting new features
But I need to cleanup this forum. Priorities.

@flamber right, still learning. Thanks!