Drill down to individual records on embedded dashboards

We use metabase to serve dashboards to clients through a web application . Dashboards on metabase console itself support drill down to individual records on a click (and this is super helpful for internal analysis) .

Is there a way we can get this feature on embedded dashboards (mainly the iframe ones) aswell.
I know that Eneterprise feature has the Full app embed which would let us do this, but i m on the selfhosted opensource version.

Is there a way i could get it done? i have tried linking a new "dashboard" as part of click event, but even that doesn't open correctly when its embeded inside a different webapp.

i saw a similar ticket here: Feature - Drill down to individual records on embedded dashboards · Issue #6621 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

Hi @dvyach
You would have to create Click Behavior to Custom URL, where you would have to generate a Signed token for the new dashboard. Not a simple thing to do.
FullApp embedding allows drill-through: https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/embedding/introduction

Yes. I was looking for options that would let me drill down to specidfic records in embedded dashboards. I saw that its not officially available in the opensource version.

So I was thinking of using the click behavior to a custom URL which is another metabase dashboard or a custom URL in my web application as a workaround. Both those options also seem to be not working correctly.

Are there any pulgin or drivers that you know of which would let us do this?

Also I saw that The PRO version is 500$ for 10 users per month. I only have 3-4 engineers who create the dashboards (and I am ok to pay for them) but the dashboards embedded in my web application may be seen/accessed by 100s of users who would want to drill down into the data.

So should i have to create user accounts for all of my end users / viewers also , or just the Folks who create the dashboards..

if its the latter, the "500$ per month for 10 users and 10$ per user beyond that limit" option may end up being very pricey for me.

@dvyach You would have to link to your own server-side script, which would generate a new token for the object you're trying to drill-through to. Signed Embedding is a JWT token URL which is unique for the object. It is not two-clicks-and-you're-done, it would take some work on your side to create this.
Otherwise create some buttons above your iframe, where you give users the ability to view other embedded dashboards/questions.