Drill down to record details when using question as source

Im using Ver 39.1. I created a question that joined a number of tables using the metabase editor (not SQL), then used it as a source of a second question with pie chart visualization. When I drill down to specific records associated with a pie segment it takes me to the records as formatted and organized by the original saved question which is great, however if I then try to click on a rendered entity hyperlink it does not drill down into the details of that record. Is this intentional?

Hi @brianwilson
Metabase does not have knowledge about what Primary Keys are from SQL questions. It would require that Metabase parsed the SQL.

Dear @flamber

The entity hyperlink I describe is created in the metabase data model, while it may correlate in most cases with a db primary key thats not always the case. In the scenario I describe, when such a key is rendered from a saved question which has multiple joins, it doesnt seem to be possible to drill in to the associated "parent" table that was part of the joins in the saved question used as the data source.

@brianwilson Okay, please describe how to reproduce with Sample Dataset or with screenshots, since I don't understand.