Drill-through for SQL questions

In this doc you mention:

The Action Menu ’s drill-through functionality is available for questions built using the query builder and for SQL questions based on a model — as long as column metadata has been added to that model. You won’t have the option to drill-through on SQL questions that aren’t based on models, or if your models haven’t been annotated with the appropriate metadata.

For "SQL questions based on a model" - do you refer to the SQL question in which a model (versus a table in database ) is used in the "from" section (and the "join"section, if any)? Or do you mean we just turn the SQL question to a model?

Hi @xuheng925
Turn the SQL question in a Model and add Metadata. It has nothing to do with the query itself.

Appears that sql question with filters couldn't be turned into model. Then how could we enable drill-through for such sql question (given that drill-through is only available for sql question based on model)?

@xuheng925 You cannot do that. Either create a View on your database, so Metabase just sees a regular table. Or use Click Behavior to send users to other questions as "drill-through".

Is there any doc I can refer to for doing this?


Got it! I just tried the dashboard on-click feature and it is incredible! Thanks @flamber