Drilldown not working

On Metabase Cloud, I have built a Model from SQL query.

What I want is that a line chart by Month and Net Optins. Once I click on any of the Month, I should be able to drilldown and see the data by SOURCE . I have assigned the column category on the model but when I click on the data point, the action menu doesn't show.

Edit: So weird, I set a custom destination using 2 questions and linked the variables but clicking on the data point on chart does nothing.

you can't do drill downs with SQL questions... the model needs to be based on a GUI question to make drill down work

Here is what I did,

  • create SQL question
  • create GUI question based on above
  • create a model based on above GUI question and set column types as Created Date, Category and QUantity
  • create another GUI question based on model

Still don't see anything happening when I click on a data point in a line chart.

If there’s a sql question somewhere, drill down won’t work :smiling_face_with_tear: