Driver plugin methods documentation

I am working on a new Metabase driver plugin that uses a JDBC driver.
I need to implement the jdbc methods for my particular database/BI tool. I ran the command below to see some of the methods I could or should be implementing.

And I look at driver sample codes for bigquery, sqlserver, sparksql, mysql, postgres, etc. But these samples don't give me the full picture.
Where can I find documentation that would answer some of the questions below:

  • Which methods do I need to implement for my database/BI ?
  • What is a given method supposed to do? What is it trying to accomplish?
  • What data types are a given method's input parameters?
  • What is the expected data structure of a given method's return data?
  • When and in what sequence is a given method executed? Is there a lifecycle map anywhere?

Thank you.

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