Driver support for OpenStreetMap's Overpass API

Hi there –

I suppose I’m just wondering whether this is in the realm of the possible, as it would seem to potentially open up Metabase to cross-referencing against a wealth of data in OSM.

Basically OpenStreetMap (OSM) has a really robust query language that allows it to gather tons of interesting data. For example, here’s a query to find all the schools in Toronto with public artwork within 250m:

I’m not sure how this premise fits best for Metabase’s model, but I would imagine that osm-overdrive-api might be the database type, and the connection strings would be a client API key, and there’d be a freeform textarea for entering a query that’s expecting a return of set up data that can be mapped to center and has a bunch of key-value paired associated (which might presumably handled like mongodb?)

Eager for any feedback, but mostly wanted to just get this idea out in the open. I might have the ability to write a driver, but I suspect this is a long term learning task for me, which I’ll have to pick away at in my spare time :slight_smile:

Anyhow, thanks for everything y’all contributors are doing here!