Driver that reads data from REST API

Hello, my team wants to have a driver that reads data from the rest API endpoints and inserts into Metabase . Have been trying to develop one but am a bit stuck any help or resources to guide me on this driver is appreciated. Thanks

Hi @makwasi
One of the most requested drivers - have a look at the comments: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post


My current workaround is to use an ODBC driver for JSON (Progress do a good one), then use a linked server in MS SQL (express edition enough). Then create views in an empty database that query the linked server.
It’s a bit long-winded, but works well when done.

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Hello, @AndrewMBaines thanks for the help. I am new to Clojure and Metabase and any references could go along way in guiding me to accomplish this. thanks again.

My workaround has nothing to do with Clojure or Metabase. It just uses and existing connector (MS SQL) in Metabase to connect to a database in MS SQL that fetches it’s data from JSON via an existing ODBC driver.

Look at this External API - #7 by DavidGrau