Drop down filters are changing into text fields

Hi All,

I have created the dashboard which is a combination of Custom and native queries .
When i am applying the drop down filters from different table it works fine, but after some time
the drop down filers are getting converted into text fields .
Where i am doing mistake ?
For the selected(filter columns ) fields i have selected under category and list all values in the data model.
I am on latest version of metabase 0.31.2

Hi @sushant.naik
Are the filters all referencing the same database column or different columns? Did you set the ‘list all values’ for all the columns referenced by the filters?
I had the same problem, but only because my database structure is a horrible mess, so I had to manually go through each table and each column to correct it. After I was done with that, then Metabase took a little time to re-index and then the filters worked as drop-down.
Which database are you connecting to?

Hello @flamber,
I have already done the ‘list all values’ for the columns referenced by the filters. But still filters are converting into text fields and all filters are referencing the same database but from different tables.
I am connecting to Mariadb 10.1.

Hi @sushant.naik,

do you try to use a filter in the dashboard over different questions which are based on different tables? I’ve noticed several issues with it (loosing filter lists). My workaround was to Join these tables and set a filter based on one of these tables in both questions.

Are you using the full JDK or only JRE - in the beginning I was also noticing some issues in using just Oracle JRE.

Hi @mmanegold,
Thanks for the suggestion.
I have joined the two tables and set the filter based on one table . Now its working fine.


In addition: You can also stick with the integrated designer if you set a foreign key reference to the primary key of the table which the field filter is based in the data model. After you designed the report you are able to choose a dashboard filter for boh tables.

Nevertheless, the principle remains the same.

Hi @mmanegold,

Ok,Thanks for the info .