Drop down list of Filter field does not work for Metabase tables

Hello folks,

I am trying to build queries in SQL using the tables from the Metabase database to verify the activity of the users.

I need to use time filters as quarters and for this reason, I am inserting variables of type “filter field”. However, no column option is not available in the drop-down list.

Do you know the possible reasons for that?

Additional information:

  1. I am using the Metabase version v0.33.6;
  2. I can use the variable “filter field” normally in other databases except in the database from Metabase
  3. I am an admin user
  4. I tried to use different browsers (Chrome, Firefox) but the problem persistis
  5. The query I am using is:

RANK() OVER (ORDER BY COUNT(report_card.id) DESC),
core_user.id AS user_id,
core_user.email AS user_email,
CONCAT(core_user.first_name, ’ ', core_user.last_name) AS user_name,
COUNT(report_card.id) AS number_of_questions
LEFT JOIN report_card ON
core_user.id = report_card.creator_id
core_user.is_superuser IS FALSE
AND core_user.is_active IS TRUE
[[AND {{quarter}}]]
limit 10

Best wishes,

Jéssica Soares

Hi Jéssica,

A couple questions for you:

  • What database are you using as your Metabase application database? You’ll only be able to run SQL queries if you’ve migrated to MySQL or Postgres.
  • Do any error messages pop up on the browser console?

The application database functions like any other database so there’s nothing special about it there as long as you’ve done the migration from H2 to something else. (docs on that here: https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/operations-guide/migrating-from-h2 )

Hello Dacort,

  • My database is Postgres. I can write SQL query that does not work for the Metabase internal database is the one that uses filter field. The other kinds of filter I can use normally.
  • The only error message that shows up is in the drop down list which says that a field should be selected to do the mapping that can be seen in the picture below:


Do you think it is related to the Metabase version?

And if you click on the drop down list there’s nothing there? That should show all the different database tables and columns in the application database. And if you open the chrome devtools console, are there any error messages there?

I don’t think the Metabase version is an issue - this is standard functionality that should be working. :\