Dropdown filter disappears

Hi, I have an issue with dropdown filter.

When I complete a question and generate a field filter, it will provide approximate values in the drop dwon list when you type something in the filter like the screenshot.

But when someone else using the same question, there is no drop down list like the screenshot shows.

Is this happen because of some permission settings?

troubleshooting info? where do you get those values from?

It is a field filter, the data comes from a table in the database. When the volume of value is small, the filter can list all values, but when the volume of value is large, the dropdown disappears. And even though I type something in search box, it provides nothing in dropdown box.

what's big? I would like to reproduce

I guess it's a table that has more than 1000 unique values?

I have fixed the issue, thanks. It is because of data permission, if the person don't have data permission of field filter related data set, the person can not proximity search in search box.