Dropdown filter does not work

Sorry to bother you, but failed to discover why the dropdown list is not appearing in the dashboard filter.
It works for other filters, but not for this 'Method'. However, results are filtering, when I place value to the Method filter. What could be the reasons?

dropdown works for other filters

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Hi @Anastasiia
Have a look at https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/data-modeling/metadata-editing#changing-a-search-box-filter-to-a-dropdown-filter

Thank you!
It works as a dropdown now. However, the dashboard dropdown does not react to the linked filters feature. I have the same settings as for other filters, where this feature is working. Any hints, please?

@Anastasiia Linked Filters can be a little complicated. Try having a look here Filters Interaction - #2 by flamber

I did smth like this, however, still get the full list of feature4 in the dashboard filter dropdown, instead of only feature4 belonging to the feature2 by the logic

@Anastasiia Without knowing how Table1 and Table2 are linked in the Data Model, then it's hard to tell.

@flamber how they should be linked? i can't find this in docs, please

@Anastasiia Here's what I wrote in Filters Interaction - #2 by flamber

Using Linked Filters can be a little tricky, since you have to use Field Filters if using SQL, while the Admin > Data Model also needs to make foreign key reference between the tables for it to work.

So Table2 needs an Entity Key, and Table1 needs a Foreign Key referencing Table2's Entity Key.
Metabase has to be able to generate a query, so it if doesn't know how things are connected, then it cannot create such query and will just show all options.

@flamber what if there is many-to-many connection?
Feature 1 might have multiple Feature 2
Feature 2 might have multiple Feature 4 and so on
All of the features might have multiple rows in case of full joining the tables. The only way to unify entity_key is to concat (fature1, feature2, feature3, feature). But such *duplicate_key* field is not in the tables.

@Anastasiia I'm not sure what you're saying, but then create a View on the database, which returns a table with the data needed, so you can just use the GUI for filtering etc.

So Table2 needs an Entity Key,
I am saying that there is no "primary key, the entity key is a unique value that identifies a row in a database table." in none of the tables

@Anastasiia Okay, then create a View on the database with the join, since Metabase won't be able to do things across tables unless they're linked.