Dropdown filter in models

Hi guys, here is the thing:

We added a filter in the dashboard, but we need to show the values on a dropdown list.

When we work with tables, we can easily set up data moldel to use dropdown filter on Dashboards.

But, what if we use models? Models don’t go into datasets, other than that it appears only in collection, therefore we are not able to set up data model in admin panel, and the edit model inside the models does not have the option.

In a model you can tell Metabase that a column of the model comes from a table column so the model gets all that metadata

Humm, okay.. But in this case this column is from case when, it doesn't exist in any table :confused:

You won't be able to use it as a dropdown in that case but in release 46 you should be able to specify a dropdown filter (and specify the values) at Dashboard level

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Wow! That's sounds good! We are currently running release 0.45.x because we use third party Athena Connector, however, I'm so grateful!

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We are using 0.47 and I want to get drop-down filter values for case() column in the model. This did not work for me