Dropdown filter limitation up to 1000 distinct values

I have over 2k distinct values of clients and want to add them to dropdown filter for dashboard which users have view-only permissions. But when I do this - there is no dropdown. And after I try to use text search filter pass an error " No matching filed_name found.".

I have correct settings in field area as "A list of all values" and I tested in in other table where I have only 600 distinct values and all works well.

Version 0.44.1

please check Metadata editing, I think we raised the limit to 1000 recently

Sure, I've found the article about 1k distinct values, but...

  1. Why search in dropdown filter doesn't work when there is more than 1k value?
  2. Why dropdown filter doesn't work like dropdown when there is more than 1k?

You. can see examples on screenshots I've attached. As you see there is no checkboxes and No matching %field_name%.