Dropdown menu filtered by different tables

Hello :slight_smile:
I have a query that returns a list of names according to filters from some tables. I would like that instead of showing the results of all the names I could put a filter with a dropdown menu with these options filtered by the query - that is, filtered by the fields of the tables I called. Can I do this?
The query (and dashboard) has these four filters - each from a different table

Hi @Helena
It sounds like you're looking for Linked Filters:

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Hi @flamber!
Yes, but in this documentation I did not find want I need. I can not link the filters because they are from different tables

@Helena It's not possible to use Linked Filters unless the question, which the filters are connected to, has the information.
So make sure that the question is somehow able to reference all the tables in a logical way (via the Data Model).

@flamber I think I understood. So, to correctly link these filters do they necessarily need to be from the same table?

@Helena No, they can be different tables, but they need to logically be connected with Foreign Key in the Data Model, so Metabase can generate a query used for the dropdown.

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Ok, now I know what I need to do. Thanks!