Dropdown using SQL

Hi Team,

I have a Dashboard with SQL question. I have a parameter but it is now showing the list of values upon clicking it.

Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 1.47.14 PM

Is this a Metabase Bug?


If this is a Field Filter in your SQL question, then you have to go to Admin Settings --> Data Model --> Select table where you have "Company" selected from --> Open the settings of "Company" column --> under "Filtering on this field" select A list of values.

Hello @Arvydas , nope we don't have any filters in our SQL.

Then I completely did not get your request here...
If you do not have Field Filters in SQL question, how do you assume to get Dropdown box in Dashboard? :slight_smile:

I have Dashboard with a Question made of SQL...

The SQL doesn't have any filter in it if you are referring to a {{variables}}.

I just added a dropdown filter in the Dashboard and when I try to choose a filter, it doesn't list any values.

But if the Question is not made of SQL, the dropdown filter works.

What is happening?

Read it firstly:

This should answer all your questions.

If you not using a variable in SQL, you will not be able to have filters in Dashboard.