Druid dimension name replaced

Hi there! I just registered on this forum. I looked for this question but didn’t find anything so I am creating this post.

We are using Druid to get some analytics like counts or unique users by filtering or grouping on a dimension. This dimension is a multi-value field, and each value is an integer ID. So when we group by on this dimension, we get a list like this:

123 10200
124 11425
125 54019

123, 124 and 125 in this example are IDs. We loaded another table inside Druid that has two dimensions: ID and Name. What we want to achieve is a friendly name on the graph output. So instead of showing IDs we have Names.
For this, we used the Primary Keys / Foreign Keys remapping but we are stuck on the final step. When trying to get the report, it says that “foreign-keys is not supported by this driver” (check attached screen).

Of course this means that this still is not supported on Druid Driver. I just want to know, is this somewhere on the product roadmap? This is the final thing that we need to implement Metabase on our application front-end :smiley: . We really love the product and would be an awesome feature, not only for us but for the Druid community.

Any comment on this would be much appreciated!


Anyone there?


Hi @fdrely
I don’t use Druid, so I cannot check, but I think you will be able to do this with joined tables in 0.33, which is coming very soon.
There’s a little sneak preview of how the new advanced editor looks like:

Thanks flamber! Will try that