Dynamic aggregation in dashboard


Currently in dashboard, we are able to add filters, that allow to customize the where-clause in a query like "SELECT FROM

WHERE GROUP BY ". I would like to have a similar widget, that would allow to customize the GROUP BY clause.

Here's a mockup of what we would like :

On the top-left, we have some filters, that we can already add in the dashboards. And on the top-right, we have some widgets that would allow to customize the grouping of the results, which currently doesn't exist in Metabase.

Is there any plan to add such a feature ?

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We have something in our plans for changing the time granularity in dashboards only, is that what you’re looking for?

Not exactly. It's not only about time, it can be any field.
For example, imagine that I have a query in my dashboard, corresponding to "SELECT FROM WHERE GROUP BY .
What I would like is a widget that, when I click on it, changes the field in the GROUP BY of my query (similarly to what we can do with filters in order to change the condition in the WHERE-clause of the query).