Dynamic card height


I have a dashboard with a number of questions one below the other.
Each question is a simple list of results.

The dashboard has filters, so that sometimes 1 row can be returned, and sometimes 100 rows can be returned in a question.

The current sizing for each card allows for about 10 results, and if there are more results, the user can scroll within the card.

My question is for the cases where there is only 1 or 2 results.
The cards stay the same height, and this is results in a lot of empty space on the page, and unnecessary scrolling for the user.

Is there a way for the card height to dynamically adjust based on the number of results?


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there's an option to hide the cards if there are no results, have you checked that? it's in v47

Hi Luiggi, thanks. I saw that. But there is always at least one result in each question, so that wouldn't help here.