Dynamic dashboard

There is a way in metabase for accomplish that?

Imagine that i have a SQL that return n lines, i want do dynamically make a dashboad with n panels showing other query, in other words one question for each line from a root query.

Hi @augusto3691
I don’t think I understand. Sounds like you would need to script that using the API:

yeah im afraid of that, i believe that would be able to do in metabase interface, for more details:

i have a query that return 4 lines of code, but can return more or less in some point of time, each line of code is a entity information of other table, imagine that my query return 4-5 users and each row is a user. I wanto to build a dashboard with 4-5 panels, one for each user info, without need to make a question for each one, in a automatic way.

@augusto3691 I still don’t quite understand what you’re trying to do, but it sounds like you want to use filters - and if you’re using SQL, then you would need to add variables:

If that’s not what you’re asking for, then I don’t understand and you need to show screenshots or reference another system’s documentation that does what you’re trying to do.

something like that

@augusto3691 Okay, still don’t understand, but fairly sure that would require scripting - all cards on the dashboard are individual references to questions.