Dynamically changing custom map source

I would like to provide heat map visualizations at the US County level. My source includes county ids from every county across the US, but it does not include lat/long data.

There's a great thread here with how to set up custom maps using GeoJSON:

I am able to create a single custom map which includes every US county. However, much like the thread above, the resulting visualization is too small to be useful (without the ability to zoom custom maps).

I am also able to break the GeoJSON into separate files, one for each US state. These can then be added through Admin, and selected withing the visualization settings of a card.

A couple questions:

  1. Is there any way to dynamically select which custom map file is used in the visualization for a given card in a dashboard? For example, I could add a single-select "State" dropdown to the dashboard. When the user selects a state, I'd like to update the visualization to show that state map.
  2. Is it possible to dynamically set the path for a custom map? I control the URLs for the custom maps. If I could pass in a state name to the url, I could dynamically select the appropriate state using one custom map.
  3. Am I missing an obvious, better alternative for displaying aggregate data at the County level?
  1. that's not possible unfortunately
  2. can you check if maps work with click behavior? you can override the link behavior on charts
  3. don't think so