Edit card description through GoogleSheets?

My manager has asked me to look at whether or not we can change the descriptions of the cards that we have on Metabase through Google Sheets. He suggested that we use the Metabase API. I am quite inexperienced with using APIs

For context, there are large dashboards with over 50 cards and whilst all of them are documented on Google Sheets, they do not have individual descriptions on the cards themselves.

Is there any way we can edit the cards' description via Google Sheets?

you need to make your spreadsheets do API calls to the Metabase API, it's not automatic and you'll need to code this

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So it theoretically is possible right?

Can you point me out to how I can even begin doing this? Maybe resources or suggestions?

I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks Luiggi

It is possible, yes. I suggest you use ChatGPT to develop a script that uses Google app script to call an API (Metabase api). It should give you a starting point for getting what you’re after

Sure. Thanks. I appreciate the help a lot!