Edit data displayed on hovering pin drops on existing questions


When you hover on a pin drop it displays a list of data from all of the columns.
I know that I can edit what data is displayed while creating custom or basic questions but is there a way to do it on already existing questions?

I just learned how to do and I'm trying to avoid remaking so many dashboards all over again

Thank you

Hi @pewpew
Yes, click the title of the card (the question on the dashboard), which takes you to the question, so you can edit it and click Save - then the change will be reflected on the dashboard too.

Hi @flamber,

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I have clicked on it but this this is what i see on top:

and at the bottom of the page I get this:

when I click the pin drop or table view I still don't get the show editor button to get to this area:

@pewpew If you have write permissions to the question and database, then you have the Notebook editor in upper-right corner. Otherwise you need to ask help from someone who has permissions.

I'm an admin and still doesn't allow me. If I go to the question, then the table view still doesn't show up.

@pewpew I don't understand what the problem is. Then create a new question.
And make sure you're using latest release: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/releases/latest

@flamber I'm trying to not have to recreate a lot of questions and multiple dashboards all over again. Just update what data shows when a user hovers over a pin drop

I'm running the latest version (0.41.6).

@pewpew Okay, then go to the question and unselect the columns you do not want to include.