Email Functionality Limited


I was really hoping that the email functionality with MetaBase would be significantly stronger - Is this a limitation of the version? Is there a paid version with increased functionality?

Specifically there are a collection of things:

  • I would like to email a specific query instead of an entire dashboard - Possible?
  • Email full pivot tables or pictures of results - Currently pivot tables are sent as base datasets and not sent as shown on dashboard
  • unlimited line results and not capped at 10 rows
  • attachments in PDF format and not limited to only CSV or XLSX

Any help or knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated! This is a significant limitation that might force me to another platform even though I think the data visualization aspect of the platform is quite strong! Maybe there is an integration that can be used??

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So am I to assume that none of what I mentioned is possible? :slight_smile:

The only one possible is number 1 (called alerts). All others are possible if you fork the code or build the feature yourself

Thanks Luiggi - Thanks, yes I noticed that but the functionality is basic at best. Not the flexible solution I had expected!

Appreciate the response!