Email notification of new versions broken?

As a Czech translator I knew that a new version was coming and I was expecting an email announcement as usual. But none came, although the new version is already available on git hub. I'm pretty sure I didn't cancel the subscription.

The last notification in the mailbox is about version 0.45 (and about SOC 2). There is also a link to "update subscription preferences" so I opened it to do double check. I clicked "update preferences" on the website, however it came back with an error "Something went wrong". I tried this again but it ended the same way. Where's the fault ?
2023-04-01 08.19.18 e334d163d437
2023-04-01 08.19.27 d846637c6bcb

Hi, we haven't sent the email yet as there are a few bugs we found. We will send it this week for sure. Where did you see that error?

Well, that explains why the notification was not received. Sorry for the false alarm. But still can't "update subscription preferences". I clicked on the link in the email below, see picture.