Email pulses not sending

A few months ago email pulses stopped sending and they haven’t started again. They also do not send when I click “send now.”

Hi, Mary. Could you please provide the following to help us troubleshoot your issue?

  • The version of Metabase you’re running: (e.x. 0.29.3)
  • What kind of SMTP server you’re using to send emails.
  • Your browser and its version: (e.x. Chrome 52.1, Firefox 48.0, IE 10)
  • Your operating system: (e.x. OS X 10, Windows XP, etc)
  • The type of database(s) you’ve connected to Metabase: (e.x. MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, …)
  • Metabase hosting environment: (e.x. Docker, AWS EB, the Mac app, Heroku, Linux/Ubuntu 12, etc.)
  • Metabase’s internal database type: (H2 is the default)
  • Repeatable steps to reproduce the issue, and any relevant error messages in the JavaScript developer’s console in your web browser, or in the server logs.