Embed href links and download

While Embed is a really cool feature, and works well. We need a few things that don’t show up in Embed

  1. Ability to download CSV, PDF etc.,
  2. Drill down. If you can provide a way for us to create links, we can use it as a short term solution to link to a second iFrame.


Embeds downloadable in CSV, XLSX, JSON (black arrow lower right next to the “Powered by Metabase” attribution). PDFs, hmm… What about embedding in one’s application and have that do a PDF of the page (that’s an idea I may use myself actually). Drill down… Believe there’s at least one open issue on that where links have been suggested, search https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues


I found few issues where folks are requesting creating custom clickable links, is this planned for a future release? we would really need this feature so we can simulate drill down, as static reports with just filter wont be sufficient.

In the embed I have been able to get working, I do not see a black arrow, maybe I am missing a setting somewhere when I publish?

Again, thanks for the quick feedback.

In a dashboard you can insert a text card which can contain Markdown text including links. Another method is using native SQL queries like described in Ability to Link Dashboards (Eg. User list dash -> click ID -> user dash for that id)

Thanks jornh.

Does giving a name to the clickable link as you suggested implemented? cool idea, btw…

link text