Embed report with user details

I am evaluating Metabase for my company and find it interesting.
I need some clarification on imbedded reports, I did found documentation and read below link:

My question is about passing user id as locked parameter.
In the section Hide or lock parameters to restrict what data is shown of above link, it is said that " For example, we could create a dashboard with a filter for a user ID, then—on our server—programmatically insert a user’s ID as parameter" But I didn't understand how can we insert user ID programmatically and we would like to use open source edition of Metabase.

Hi @rao
Have a look at https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/embedding/signed-embedding-parameters#pre-filtering-data-in-a-signed-embed

thank you @flamber for quick response. But to my understanding, locked parameters allow fixed and are not dynamic. i.e. it won't change per user. They are beneficial in scenarios like a report only for USA region.
Is my understanding correct or there is a possibility to pass user_id dynamically?

@rao You generate the JWT embedding code based on each viewer, so by that it's dynamic (if you want to call it that). Otherwise I don't understand what you're trying to do and you should include more information/screenshots, so it's easier to understand what you're trying to do.

My data looks something like below table.
And we we like to embed a report with below table data in our reporting portal.
The requirement is, when user E123 access report, only data related to application 10001 and 10002 supposed to be displayed and similarly for user E890 only 10003 supposed to be displayed.


Is there a way for us to use JWT embedded code to solve this without using data sandboxing?


@rao Yes, that's exactly what Signed Embedding with Locked parameters can do.
You create a question like select * from table where user_id={{user}} then set the user parameter to locked - now no users can see that filter, since you are defining it via the embedding code.

That's great, will try.
Thanks you.