Embed This Question Button Not Working

Hello all. I’ve been using MB for a couple of months now and I keep having this issue. Firstly we have multiple users on multiple instances of MB across different environments and it seems like only the 1st person who logs into one of those instances is granted the ability to embed reports. The Embed This Question… button doesn’t work for anyone else besides that 1st person who logged in since our last restart.

Additionally, that holy grail embedder can only use the Embed This Question… button on the 1st browser that they used it on. So when I have the juice if I use Chrome the 1st time around I always have to embed on Chrome. Same for FireFox and same for IE.

I can’t consistently get this button to work except under these specific circumstances. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Can someone give me some tips on what could be causing this?

that’s really weird.

what version are you on?

I’m on version 0.28.1. We’ve had this problem all along but I’m just now getting annoyed enough with it to seek help. I’ve already asked my admin to update to the latest version which should be happening over the next few days.

I’ve never seen a reply to this topic and I’m still having the same problem. Anyone else out there have any information?