Embedd cards/dashboard in other applications - php examples with Firebase\JWT


Does anybody implemented integrating questions in an application, with sending parameters variable through the php JWT library?

WIKI: SDK (covers API, embedding etc?)

Found it! Download library files from https://github.com/firebase/php-jwt.
Here is an example of use(works after embedding is enabled and the question is published):

<?php require_once('BeforeValidException.php'); require_once('ExpiredException.php'); require_once('SignatureInvalidException.php'); require_once('JWT.php'); use \Firebase\JWT\JWT; $secretKey = "insert_your_secret_key"; $url = 'insert_your_url'; $payload = array("resource"=>array("question"=>31), 'params' => array("startDate"=>'2017-05-01', 'endDate'=>'2017-08-31')); $token = JWT::encode($payload , $secretKey, 'HS256'); $iframeUrl = $url."/embed/question/".$token."#bordered=true&titled=true"; ?>