Embedd cards/dashboard in other applications

For the current version of Metabase(0.23.0), is it possible to display cards or a dashboard in other application?
I see that from a request of the following type GET /api/card/:id, i receive info about the card title, description etc. but i don’t see the actual values for the respective chart. Is there a way to get them in order to display in a chart js library or other method to display the chart in my application?

Yep! As of v0.23, you can now embed your Metabase charts and dashboards in other apps.

We have a few reference apps up on github for you to see examples of how to do this.

Thank you for your answer @maz. I was also looking for ways to achieve embedding, like using API requests, but I see that no data(e.g. json) is returned in order to display with a local charts js.
I found a way by combining API requests with iframe embeedding, but the downside is that the API calls do not support variables values that are used in cards.

Thanks @maz for sharing the details !

We’d like to embed a dashboard in a commercial app.

  • Is that ok with the licence of Metabase?
  • Is that secure? Given the variable is in the code, are we protected from cases where user A would change the params to see data from user B, who’s from a completely different company?


Hello @romain -

You’re welcome to embed us in anything you like without the AGPL applying, so long as you don’t change the embedded div (read: leave our logo there =). We also offer a commercial white label license to remove the logo/link without following the AGPL.

Regarding security, so long as you lock + sign parameters, any attempt by User B to change the signed request url to look at User A’s data will be rejected.

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