Embedded Analytics

Hello, We are using Metabase and we want to use the feature of Embedded Analytics.
Like in:
In this case you show some example of this use case.
But we want to embedded some dashboard with filters, but we have different levels of permissions to see the data, for example some users don`t have permission to see and change any filters, others have access to some filters and others have full permision for all the filters.
Do you provide a solution for that?

Hi @jrubin
There's different types of embedding: https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/embedding/introduction
You can have filters for all, but use Sandboxing, so some users only see specific data: https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/permissions/data-sandboxes

Hi Flamber, thanks for your response but Im not sure if that works for us. Our use case is this: We are a SaaS and we want to share reports in our platform to allow users to see the data and they can filter and handle as their own needs. But we have different types of users with different access for example: Some users "administrator" can show all the data in the company and we have a user "executive" who can only see his data, and if we show the filter "executive" he can see the data of their teammates, this is what we want to avoid. And also we have a filter per company to use the same dashboard for all companies, but anyone cant see the data for other companies.
And in this case we will connect through the API so the user for metabase will be always the same.

@jrubin That is what Sandboxing will allow you to do, but you can also do it with Signed Embedding.