Embedded dashboard and chart demos

Can anyone point the way to embedded charts and dashboards (full page if at all possible) that I can look at online to evaluate for dropdown behavior in particular? Found a couple below but I’d really need some examples of more lengthy dropdown filter lists for both embedded charts alone and embedded dashboards. Mine in both cases just run off the page on testing for smaller screen sizes hiding the “Done” or “Add” buttons at the bottom!
Adventureworks orders sample 1
Adventureworks orders sample 2

Like this:

I just added the filter to show the behaviour. Works fine for me unless I reduce the browser size to something unusable.
What browser have you had problems with?

Thanks AndrewMBaines! That’s one of your special filters you’ve mentioned, very nice! Did you use Metabase’s locked parameters feature as part of this? Metabase’s native filters is what I’m wondering about, however, for both dashboard and chart embeds. In the end I’m going to have to do allot of testing in my own environment with the tools I’m using but it would help to see what I’m in for. My feeling is, like you, I’m going to have to construct at least some filters outside of Metabase.

Nothing special at all - this is straight out of the box using the sample data. The product code is defined as being a ‘category’. That means that it can be used as a parameter.
You don’t generally need to do anything external. The reason for my other work was for cascading parameters and to integrate with SMS messaging, but that’s completely apart form Metabase’s core functionality.