Embedded dashboard causing two 401 responses


We have an application that embeds a metabase dashboard inside an iframe. When the page loads, the dashboard seems to work fine, but in Chrome’s (same in ffox) dev console I’m seeing two http requests that result in a 401 response. The urls are /api/user/current and /api/field/95 . I’m new to metabase, I’d appreciate any pointers as to how to debug and find the cause! Thanks in advance!

Hi @klorand
Which version of Metabase?
The request to /api/user/current just checks if the user is logged into Metabase, so you can ignore that.
I’m guessing /api/field/95 is because you have a filter, which should display a dropdown upon focus, but something goes wrong with the permissions. If you’re logged into Metabase and then visit the embed, do you then see a dropdown?

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Hey @flamber, thanks for your response. We’re using Metabase v0.30.1.

If I sign into Metabase and visit the embedded dashboard, I get no 401 errors at all. But I see no differences to the dashboard without active Metabase session. It does have a date filter that seems to work both with and without Metabase session.

@klorand Okay, that’s a fairly old version of Metabase - more than a year - I would recommend upgrade. The latest release is 0.33.4. Always make a backup before upgrading, so you can revert in case of problems.

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It’s still happened to me on 0.37.2
any suggestions to get rid of these errors with embedded dashbords?

@avia I would guess you are seeing different problems. The errors are only shown in the console, so that shouldn’t be concern for the users.