Embedded Dashboard: Date filter syntax

Hey guys,

I have an embedded dashboard and want to provide a specific date range as a parameter.
Eg: “2019-02-02” -> “2020-02-02”

I know that i can use the following strings a parameter for a date type filter:
“thisyear”, “lastyear”, “past2years”, etc…

But how do I provide date range? With a “from” date and a “to” date?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @bjoernhasse
It depends on which type of date filter you have created (and depends on the question type/filter too).
A “Date Range” (or “All Options”) would look like this:

Thanks a lot @flamber. That really helped.

I was looking through the documentation before asking but couldn’t find anything on how the date range params work.
Am I missing anything in the docs?

Shall I add some documentation to the embedding guide?

I don’t understand. Date range works similar to single date or relative date - it’s a parameter with one value - though a specific format, but so is single and relative dates.
But if you think something is missing or difficult to understand, then you are welcome to open a PR.