Embedded Dashboard rapidly changes sizes multiple times per second

I am not sure if this is a bug or not and I have tried to search the discussion forum for something similar but have not been able to find it. We are running 44.3 and have had a single user who has been complaining about the embedded dashboard widgets in our application rapidly getting larger and smaller. I did receive a video example of what the user was experiencing and it looks like it is some type of resolution issue where the dashboard is changing scale rapidly to try to fit the window. This specific dashboard had some unused spaces between cards and so I removed those spaces by expanding the cards to fit the entire width of the dashboard. That seemed to have resolved the issue temporarily and now again today the user is complaining that it is doing it again. This extra space was the only thing that was different between the dashboard having the issue and another dashboard that the user has access to that did not experience the same judder. My instinct tells me that this is an issue with the user's desktop PC. They are using Chrome. I found the following resource document that I provided to the user to test and they said it didn't make an impact.


Any suggestions or thoughts on what might be causing something like this? Is it the resolution specification for the embed? Do you think it's a desktop user issue? Is it something in the way that we configured the dashboard and Metabase? Any suggestions appreciated


Hi @Slickrock22
A video is worth a million words. It's hard to know without seeing a video.
Something like this https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/23695 ?

@flamber That's it! "Dancing" is a great way to describe that effect. Thanks! Since I was running 44.3 and that seems to be after this issue was resolved, could it be , "viewport" dimension on my embedded Iframe? I have upgraded to 44.4 just in case.

@Slickrock22 Try creating a way to reproduce the problem and then open an issue.