Embedded dashboard responsiveness woes

I want to start by saying the dashboard looks fantastic when embedded, however there’s one issue I’ve been having that I’m not sure how to fix.

I have the dashboard embedded on WordPress with an iframe and the amount of rows shown differs depending on the size of the screen regardless of how many rows I allow it to show. Even when using a large monitor it still seems to cap out at a certain number.

Table on WordPress using full size monitor

Sorry, I can only add one image, but I was going to add how it shows on Metabase and it’s displaying each row perfectly. On a 13-in laptop it only shows 6 rows. Very inconsistent and strange.

I can get it to show nicely on the laptop if I pull down the table further than it needs to be, but then it looks weird on the laptop. I’m not sure what to do here. I’ve tried decreasing/expanding the size of sidebars, the body, and the iframe individually and together on the page but nothing seems to work.

Hmm, have you tried changing the height of the iframe itself?

What does the Metabase embed code look like for insertion into WordPress? And where is it applied? Does the jwt related code go into a particular php file? Resources on how to accomplish a Metabase embed into WordPress would also be appreciated. Thanks!

Metabase: 0.28.1
Environment: Localhost:3000
Databases: MsSQL
OS: Vista SP2
Browser: Firefox 52.7.3