Embedded Dashboards Rendering Error When Upgrading to 0.41.0

I attempted to upgrade our Metabase instance to 0.41.0 from 0.39.4 and when I did, embedded dashboard tables and line charts stopped rendering correctly. We updated to 0.40.5 instead and the embedded dashboards are rendering correctly.

I can see the question titles but the items underneath are not rendering correctly. Here's an example of the problem.

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Hi @erika-e
I don't think I understand. The screenshot is very difficult to read. What exactly is the problem?
I would recommend that you use Sample Dataset to show the problem between the versions.

Are you using the iFrameResizer? https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/administration-guide/13-embedding.html#resizing-dashboards-to-fit-their-content

Thanks for your reply! We have embedded dashboards in our product -- I blurred out the title. I've added some annotations so it's easier to see what's going on.

The problem is only on embedded dashboards as far as I could tell. We reverted to avoid impacting our users.

We are not using the iFrameResizer - the dashboards look as expected in 0.39.4 and on 0.40.5.

@erika-e Okay, you'll need to post your embed code. Or some other way for others to reproduce your problem.

This is the iframe snippet -- I redacted the URL to our Metabase instance and the string associated with the specific embedded dashboard.

<iframe title="metabase" src="https://urltometabase/embed/dashboard/verylongstring#bordered=true&amp;titled=false" name="metabase-iframe" frameborder="0" data-testid="metabase-iframe" class="css-uwwqev ecmr43a6"></iframe>

For the server-side code snippet, I believe we use the default generated by Metabase. I have recordings of the bug and what the dashboard should look like, but I won't be able to share them because they were recorded in our production environment.

If visuals are definitely needed I can see if I can get permission to share a recording from our demo environment which has the same dashboard we're having problems with, but no actual customer data.

@erika-e Okay, you'll need to dig into your css class and use your browser developer tools to figure out what is causing the iframe to be very small.
The example code that Metabase generates in the app contains width and height.

I cannot reproduce.

@flamber Thank you for your help with this -- I will open an issue with engineering and see if someone can help with troubleshooting the css code.

A good update on this -- we did some troubleshooting and ultimately were able to upgrade.

One of our engineers tested 0.41.0 and 0.41.1 and was unable to reproduce the behavior I was seeing immediately after our attempted production upgrade. We attempted the upgrade again and saw the same issue immediately following the upgrade. I cleared my browser cache and the dashboards started rendering normally.

I can only guess that this was somehow related to me having an active Metabase session open at the time of the upgrade. Other users did not have to clear their cache and we did not have any reports of widespread issues after we upgraded.

Thanks for taking a look at this @flamber !

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@erika-e Great you got it working. You should check your server response headers, since perhaps you got a reverse-proxy (like a CDN or cache), which is causing some problems. I have spend way too many hours debugging that: https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/troubleshooting-guide/proxies.html