Embedded GeoJson Maps Not Resolving

Metabase Embedded GeoJsons do not resolve with the latest browsers. Curiously they do resolve using a vintage FireFox browser, for example, but with peek-a-boo labels!

Several questions:

  1. Why does a vintage FireFox largely succeed w/Metabase Embedded GeoJsons while more recent browsers fail; what changed, did Metabase not keep up as browsers advanced?

  2. Why are Metabase Embeds affected while the application itself resolves just fine; is the Embed generation code stale w/regard to GeoJsons; was is it ever 100% to begin with?

  3. Why does the Metabase in-built US map resolve in Embeds while the corresponding Metabase GitHub version does not?

  4. Why does the in-built US map compensate for projection and placement compared to the Metabase GitHub version; where precisely does the Metabase in-built US map reside; apart from esthetics, is it’s file structure significantly different than that of the corresponding Metabase GitHub version?

  5. MOST IMPORTANLY: Being that maps are key visualizations for many users, how quickly can this issue be resolved?

1st Case, Latest Browsers: GeoJson files fail to render in iframe embeds for both Questions & Dashboards

Metabase: 0.31.2

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise
IE 11.0.101

OS: Android v6.0
Chrome 71.0.3578.99
FireFox 64.0.1



2nd Case, Vintage Browser: GeoJson files render in iframe embeds for Questions BUT with “peek-a-boo” hover labels (popup beneath maps). Curiously iframe embed Dashboards have no such problem.

Metabase: 0.31.2
Env: Jar (Localhost:3000)

OS: Windows Vista Business 6.0.6002
FireFox 52.9.0


EMBEDDED QUESTIONS: Note how the label hides beneath the map for the same Question as in the Dashboard

Note how the US GitHub GeoJson shows the same problem (US In-Built Map labels are normal)

Peek-a-boo label issue w/vintage FireFox referenced in the following:
Floating maps in public links & embeds (GitHub Issue #7638)
Floating maps in public links & embeds (this forum)

Reproduce w/these files:

US States Metabase In-built map sourced directly from the application.

US States GitHub GeoJson

CA Counties Custom GeoJson not provided but is essentially the same file structure as the GitHub version below.

CA Counties GitHub GeoJson

Reproduce w/these data sets:

United States:

Abbreviations, STATE, AGE
AL, Alabama, 18.6
AK, Alaska, 19
AZ, Arizona, 15.5
AR, Arkansas, 22.8
CA, California, 18
CO, Colorado, 18
CT, Connecticut, 15.8
DE, Delaware, 23
FL, Florida, 17.8
GA, Georgia, 21.8
HI, Hawaii, 11.5
ID, Idaho, 19.1
IL, Illinois, 17.9
IN, Indiana, 20.2
IA, Iowa, 15.2
KS, Kansas, 20.7
KY, Kentucky, 20.7
LA, Louisiana, 17.8
ME, Maine, 18.8
MD, Maryland, 23.9
MA, Massachusetts, 10.9
MI, Michigan, 18
MN, Minnesota, 17.6
MS, Mississippi, 15
MO, Missouri, 21
MT, Montana, 12.1
NE, Nebraska, 18.3
NV, Nevada, 17.3
NH, New Hampshire, 13
NJ, New Jersey, 17.1
NM, New Mexico, 16.3
NY, New York, 18.1
NC, North Carolina, 22
ND, North Dakota, 14
OH, Ohio, 18
OK, Oklahoma, 20
OR, Oregon, 18.2
PA, Pennsylvania, 17
RI, Rhode Island, 15
SC, South Carolina, 12.6
SD, South Dakota, 14.7
TN, Tennessee, 17
TX, Texas, 8
UT, Utah, 17.4
VT, Vermont, 19
VA, Virginia, 18.2
WA, Washington, 17
WV, West Virginia, 15
WI, Wisconsin, 12.6
WY, Wyoming, 14.7


Alameda, 18.6
Amador, 19
Calaveras, 15.5
Colusa, 22.8
Contra Costa, 18
El Dorado, 18
Fresno, 15.8
Glenn, 23
Humboldt, 17.8
Kern, 21.8
Kings, 11.5
Lake, 19.1
Los Angeles, 17.9
Madera, 20.2
Mariposa, 15.2
Mendocino, 20.7
Merced, 20.7
Monterey, 17.8
Napa, 18.8
Nevada, 23.9
Placer, 10.9
Riverside, 18
Sacramento, 17.6
San Benito, 15
San Bernardino, 21
San Diego, 12.1
San Joaquin, 18.3
San Luis Obispo, 17.3
San Mateo, 13
Santa Barbara, 17.1
Santa Clara, 16.3
Santa Cruz, 18.1
Shasta, 22
Siskiyou, 14
Solano, 18
Sonoma, 20
Stanislaus, 18.2
Sutter, 17
Tehama, 15
Trinity, 12.6
Tulare, 14.7
Tuolumne, 17
Ventura, 8
Yolo, 17.4
Yuba, 19

Hi @mesquest
I’m pretty sure you’re being hit by this issue, which answers at least 4 questions, so if the issue matches your problem, then click thumbs-up-icon on the first post (which will help with your 5th question):

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Thanks @flamber!

WHAT?! This was reported a YEAR-&-A-HALF ago and it’s STILL not fixed?! You have got to be kidding me! Something this important hangs out there all this time with several users reporting the same issue while “speedometer” gauges get developed?! Oh I am just livid, for the sake of civility that’s as much as I’ll say here…

You bet I’ve upvoted your GitHub Issue! Thanks for pointing it out! Mea culpa, I’ve already posted to GitHub before reading your response. Maybe it’ll drive the point home, you can upvote if you like though it’ll probably get merged.
Embedded GeoJson Maps Not Resolving (GitHub Issue #9193)