Embedded: here was a problem displaying this chart

When I try to use embedded dashboard for only one of them I get this error in every charts area: “here was a problem displaying this chart.” This show also in preview area.
With the public iframe there is no problem.

Someone have an idea ?

Probably "There was a problem displaying this chart" - if that's the case then does checking the error log as suggested in:

give any clues? What do you get there?

Here is my situation. I have two filters in the dashboard linked to each other, which cause the embedded dashboard not being displayed correctly when one of the filters/parameters set as locked or editable when embedding. If you unlink them, the problem can be solved but another problem comes because I want to link them.:man_shrugging:

@qhe231 This topic is 3 years old, and very likely completely unrelated to your problem. You should probably create a new topic with details and remember to post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.