Embedded Questions Clickable?

When you are on a mobile view, question tables only show a certain number of rows causing you to select the arrows and find the result you are looking for. (We have a lot of data in one table and we need it that way). When on metabase on mobile you are able to click on the question bringing up more results and it allows you to scroll. My question is…is it possible to have this ability when your dashboard is embedded in a website and you access that website on your phone. This would make it easier for some of our users to find their results quicker.

Only when using the premium version (£££).

@AndrewMBaines Does this feature come with both the $3000 and $10000 options?

Hey, Brett.

Premium Embedding does not have that drill-through capability for embedded charts or dashboards. The main thing it does is allow you to remove the Metabase attribution (logo) and gives you a different license.

The Enterprise Edition has a different version of embedding that allows you to embed the entire Metabase app inside your own app. This enables you to enable drill-through on your charts and dashboards, and even customize the drill-through behavior to go to other URLs entirely.

Please get in touch if you have more questions.


Since the project is open source I’m wondering - what sense does it make to restrict some functionality to Enterprise only? Or this part is made proprietary?