Embedding dashboard with locked parameters

I want to hide the parameters, so have set to locked. they’re then set from the host page (I’m using an IFRAME for the dashboard).
It’s fine when there’s a value selected, but passing null or an empty list isn’t working.

Is it supposed to? I’m trying to work out if I need to take a different approach or if I’m doing something wrong.

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I have no idea other than you probably hit a corner case in the existing codebase. But I just noticed it’s an area being worked on at the moment (just from the title of this PR it sounds related):

So if you can, maybe take it for a spin with your use case and see if it behaves any different. I’m speculating the core team won’t mind this “extra review” while they work on it anyway. :thinking:

I think it may be by design - in the Sharing, Application page, under code you see:

var payload = {
  resource: { dashboard: 3 },
  params: {
    "team": null

but, if you look on the Preview section, you get:

You must specify a value for team in the JWT

I’ve changed my code so that if there is no value, it just specifies every value in the parameter. Pain for SQL questions as it doesn’t appear to be possible to specify multiple values, but easy enough to convert to Views.