Embedding dashboards erors

Hello everyone!

I am trying to embed a dashboard in my webpage. Currently, I am using Metabase on my local machine, running in a container via Docker. The version I'm using is the free one. I am attempting to embed it using static embedding. In my Python code, I've included all the parameters provided by Metabase. The code generates the embedded URL, which works fine when I copy and paste it into an open window. However, when I try to include the embedded iframe in my web application, it gives me an error: "localhost refused to establish connection." Checking the Docker logs, I see the following error: "INFO middleware.exceptions :: A request was cancelled before completion."

Could someone please help me with this issue? Thank you all!

you need to go to settings->admin->embedding and allow your Metabase to embed from your website

Hello Luiggi, it is already allowed