Embedding license implications of Modifying the cell(table) format of IFrame

I am consulting a startup and have on-boarded them on Metabase. They are also using this to show a few of the reports to their customers via iFrame.
Their one of the requirement is to have hyperlinks with customizable text. Something similar to 8068 with each cell of the column having different text.

I can modify the code to support this and create a pull request. As this is touching the embedding part, I wanted to make sure I am not going to violate any license requirement here.

Hi @naresh364
You should probably change the title to reflect that this is a question about embedding license.
Let’s see if @maz has an answer to this question tomorrow.

@sameer hey guys, could you please help us here ?

The embedding license only applies to the embedding application https://github.com/metabase/metabase/blob/master/frontend/src/metabase/app-embed.js, and is intended to be an exemption to the AGPL.

You can modify the source of Metabase itself, so long as you do not modify that file and remain in the clear. Basically don’t remove the “Powered by Metabase” link.

Otherwise, you can replace that entire file and embed the application, but then you would need to abide by the restrictions of the AGPL (and release any derived works under the AGPL as well).


Awesome @sameer. This is much appreciated clarification.