Embedding Metabase Dashboard in Salesforce

I'm looking to embed a Metabase dashboard as an iframe in Salesforce. I can't find any documentation on this anywhere. Has anyone done this before? Any tips and/or advice would be much appreciated.

If you just want to include the public link of the dashboard then you can create a visualforce page and include the iframe there.

If you want to do signed embedding that would require a bit more work using APEX classes.

https://www.metabase.com/learn/embedding/embedding-charts-and-dashboards.html this docs may help you

Thanks, King_edward, I'll be doing signed embedding. Are you able to point me to any resources on the APEX classes I'll need to put together?

What I did was:

  • Generated the signed URL outside APEX in cloud (for security reasons)
  • Used APEX for sending a request (along with parameters) to get the signed URL.
  • Used Visualforce Pages for calling the relevant APEX method.