Embedding Metabase in flask app

Are there any examples or guides available for embedding metabase in a flask app?

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Hi @madkap
I’ve never seen a Flask embed example - Django is the closest (with regards to Python):
I’m sure other people would be happy if you shared your knowledge (either here or as a PR in the repo).
Just stumbled over this, but it looks like the embedding part is missing:

Hi @flamber,

I am also using Flask. Had a look at the Django example and implemented it on flask but I still get a message saying that my metabase instance refused to connect.

The JWT IDENTITY PROVIDER URI in the admin panel needs to refer to the login page? How is it used? Would you have some kind of process flow that explains how this works?

@madkap: In case you managed to make it work on flask, please don't hesitate to share your solution.


@jsaadani If you're looking for SSO via JWT, then have a look here instead: https://github.com/metabase/sso-examples

Thank you @flamber for the prompt reply but it's hard for me to make use of this example. Does it mean that the other examples are outdated?

@jsaadani It's two completely different things. One is how to signed embedding, the other is how to do FullApp embedding.
It can be somewhat confusing if you're new to Metabase, but since I see that you're going to have a talk with support, then let's keep all the conversation in one place - so continue in support.