Embedding Metabase to Another Application

Hello folks,

I am planning to embed Metabase partially into a multi-tenant B2B application that is build with Django. I want to have Metabase’s Question and Dashboard abilities into that application. So the questions (one technical and one legal) are:

  • What are the things I should pay attention to in order to use Django application’s data models as much as possible? What is the best way to URL route two applications and handle user credentials shared?
  • Is there any violation to its license?

I appreciate your time to read and answer my questions. Best regards!

Embedding Metabase in another app is totally okay provided you keep the Metabase branding intact. If you would like to remove the branding (i.e., white label the embed), we’re working fast to provide that as a paid service, which you can learn more about here.

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Hi Maz,

We applied for white labeling. Re:white labeling, does it mean it only changes Metabase branding with replaced branding?

What happens if I partially use the codebase, just question and dashboard pages? Is it OK to use Metabase software with this setup if I keep the Metabase brand there? Also do you have an architectural suggestion to the question above?

Thank you!

hi @cm_attent…where you able to accomplish what you wanted using Metabase? I have very similar requirements and would love to learn more about what you found. Thanks!

Hi guys,
I’m also interested in this topic.

Is it possible to discuss embedding the commercial application with someone from Metabse? I’ve seen the embedding page but need to discuss licensing & possible multi tenant options with someone from the core team…

any help getting in touch is much appreciated!

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