Embeded Dashboard Error on some browsers


I Have a strange problem. We have correctly embedded some dashboards in an IFRAME in our web app with some blocked parameters and some visible ones.

The thing is dashboard loads ok in a big quantity of machines and browsers, but we have some ones (mainly in Chrome Mac but we have also seen it in one Chrome Windows), that it tries to load, but after a few seconds it says “An error has ocurred”, and no data is displayed.

Do you have any idea of what could be happening? We are currently on 0.33.6



Found additional information to provide on this issue. What it seems to be failing is the window.postMessage, despite having the main site, and the embedded site in the same domain (different subdomains).
The strange thing is that it does not happen on most browsers and also it works on the same browser version on other machines. So it seems to be a security option or something like this from certain machines (mostly seen in MAC OS the problem).

"Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘DOMWindow’: The target origin provided (‘https://subdomain1.domain.com’) does not match de recipients window’s app-embed.bundle.js?.. origin (‘https://subdomain2.domain.com’)

Could anyone help me?

Hi @nicokras

The postMessage should only be active for Full App Embedding in the Enterprise Edition, so not sure why you’re seeing that error. There’s a known problem with that though:

Are you seeing the same problem in the latest release 0.35.3?
Since you say that it only happens on specific browser installations, then you should check for extensions and compare settings to figure out what the difference is.